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Acoustic trademarks

Auditory experiences are the acoustic components of successful communication. They generate emotions, which are positively linked with the originator.

In marketing, auditory communication is often neglected. Colors, shapes and materials are carefully coordinated in corporate design. Events are elaborately transformed into imaginative and unique worlds. We give sound the same importance and activate the ear along with the customers 100%. For your message.

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Sound creates identity.

Acoustic personalities strengthen the brand and make it emotional, appealing and understandable.

Audio brandings, corporate melodies, campaign sounds and corporate playlists follow invisible guidelines - just as the corporate design. These aspects make for a distinctive sound and give the brand essence another dimension.

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Brands in focus

Our approach is unique: the brand is the starting point for the compositions creating an unmistakable identity.

At the center is the brand essence, the philosophy or the campaign, which we plan strategically and place in the limelight acoustically. Brand experts work seamlessly with composers. The result are sounds, which carry and convey the brand message.

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Versatility is our strength, perfection our claim and sensibility our wildcard.

We operate internationally and are well connected. We are creative and act deliberately. We compose on computers and use concert halls. We work with the New York Symphony, Swiss drummers and deliver German quality. This is how we create unique sounds. The legal aspects are thereby constantly in focus.

Audio is emotion.


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